In this video you can find our pilot project up and running. This logistically challenging mission was to provide access to electricity, something farmers can only dream of in this far reached part of the globe. We began the project with Raul Mamani, last year’s cup winner. In his words having electricity would give him the opportunity to buy a computer so that his kids can advance in their education and have the opportunity to stay within  the community and not  have to drift to the big city. An observation of his dedication to his coffee, Raul placed the first lightbulb above the depulper!



We believe this is the first undertaking of its kind and for our part we would like to extend this project further into the wider coffee community. We have established strong links with both Peruvian companies and the environment agency to help us expand on our long term vision. Sustainability begins at source and improving the lives of the farmers is something at the forefront of our business model. 


What we’re saying today is that you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.

                                                                                    El- dridge Cleaver

As for ‘doing our bit’ for the our environment, Freeman Trading manages a 30-hectare plot of land 'Yakaruna'​ in the north eastern sector of the Peruvian Amazon, about six hours by river from the nearest town of Iquitos. Not only an Eco-retreat, Yakaruna protects indigenous endangered species from ancient plant-medicines to hardwood trees and the fauna that live there. It was a grueling six month build in mosquito-infested jungle but, as the results show, it was well worth the blood, sweat and tears.









This  conservation project was undertaken by us in conjunction with the formation of Freeman Trading, it is the place where our business was conceived, also a  percentage of our profits is now used to upkeep and maintain the project. As an environmentally responsible company we aim to re-plant as much as we can in order to offset our carbon footprint from coffee growing and trading. It’s also a fantastic place to explore the majestic Amazon rainforest and keeps us in touch with the spirit of Peru and the magic of It’s land. Not for the faint hearted!





​If you wish to know any more about this project or anything else about Freeman Trading than just call the hotline,

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