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Our coffee adventure began 9 years ago high in the Andes where we travelled extensively up and down the highlands in search of exceptional coffee’s. Working closely with local farmers and cooperatives, we cupped and procured the very finest coffee availablein Peru . Our intentions are as high in quality as the coffee beans we import. We work directly with well established growers and cooperatives from all growing regions such as the San Jorge Co-Op who, collectively with other small cooperatives, form Cecovasa, one of Peru’s leading Coffee exporters with whom we have forged a partnership based on a long term alliance, trust and fairness.


Who we are

​Paul. Propelled into the entrepreneurial world by his late grandfather, the inventor of a jet engine fueling system still in use today. To date he successfully put into place various overseas projects ranging from sustainable wood exports to health spas. When he’s not crunching the calculator he can usually be found on retreat in Mysore India where he has trained and practices relentlessly in the art of Ashtanga yoga for the past 23 years.

Leon. Extensive world traveler with inside out knowledge of Peru, has for many years traded with Indigenous communities as far afield as East Timor to Tibet. Believing in fair and direct trading relationships with suppliers, he began trading goods on local market stalls in the UK. Leon has also managed various projects from back stage events at Glastonbury festival to Eco retreats in the Amazon Jungle, his passion for seeing it through and getting it right has been the driving force to the company’s ethical policy.


Peter.  Worked in the restaurant business for years, than most recent he was running his own successful company recycling chip fat into bio fuel. He developed an interest in the coffee business through a chance meeting in one of his clients cafe’s, which led him into the concept of sourcing coffee... ​ 


And so the final pieces of the jigsaw were set into place after a ‘chance’ meeting of all three members of the Freeman team in 2011. Some day soon we will have a secretary of our own but for now that's us.


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