With the approach of season 2019 our partners in Peru have been busy preparing for the coming harvest. At the start of the 2016 season we brought in a box of washed F.T.O from a new region which went out as quick as it came in. From there we headed out and visited several farms to help assist the producers with the final processing with our honey, natrual and Gaisher micro lots. Well coincidentally (or not) At the national coffee expo awards in October 2016 our new partner coop came from the back to become the front runner, two of their coffee's made it into the top ten, one of which reached the top 3. along with last years winner, our very own Don Raul Mamani. Out of the hundreds of organizations and over 75'000 farmers all vying for top place, this was not only a lucky break for the coop but,  yet again testimony that Freeman Trading are at the forefront of Peruvian Specialty coffee.


For an astonishing 6 years in a row Cecovasa with Tunki coffee has stolen the show. At the October 2015 cafe expo held in Lima and organised by the ministry of agriculture, the producer just so happens to be our very own Raul Mamani! Cupping in at an exceptional 88.97 It just goes to show that when it comes to Peru and Coffee than we at freeman Trading have the exclusive privilege of being able to offer this exceptional coffee to the UK and beyond.



Ground report from Leon






last year our visit to Raul Mamani was followed three months later by a successful 1st place in the National Coffee Championship Awards 2012 and which also achieved 86.91 points in the Rainforest Alliance Cup at the SCAA in California, this story was followed by Freeman Tradings' origin expert and fluent Spanish speaker Leon, who co-incidentally has just been entitled as sole godfather to Rauls' newborn son in May 2013 - the best coffee producer in Peru no less; we couldn't make this up! However, winning the coffee championships was by no means just a case of good luck as the standard of these remarkable coffees gives credit to the dedication and hard work that goes into the careful hand selection and processing.





Results from the annual contest 'Cafe Expo' held in the capital Lima, yet again won by Cecovasa producer Benjamin Peralta, member of the Cooperative San Ignacio won by obtaining 89.75 points. We had a very few limited number of sacks from this micro lot. Also  Micro lots from the third place winner Mauro Benito Guyzete scoring 87.75 points.







Check out one of the latest results for Tunki coffee used as a component in this U.K winning blend,




Great results for Inambari coffee, We brought this lot after we discovered its great taste, It was later submitted by the Cooperative to the R.F.A cup the results are in this link;




The Rainforest Alliance’s December Cupping for Quality, held at the Specially Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Lab in Long Beach California, Tunki Coffee has taken second best at 86.91 Points just short of first place which went to Kenya at 87.41. The results go to show that sustainable/organic coffee does indeed reach the high scores in the cup and more so the results show a tribute to the great care taken in cultivation.




At the most recent annual Coffee expo in the capital city Lima Tunki coffee has just taken 1st place once again. So the best of Peruvian coffee is in our hands or more importantly in our store at Eniti. You won’t find any other Peruvian coffee quite like it ! Also in this link you will see that the Q grader Tibed who, primarly selects our lots came 2nd place in the Cuppers championship;


Using Tunki Coffee Howard  Barwick came 3rd place in the UKBC  May 2012, here's what he had to say,

''Peru Tunki Coffee from San Jorge is a splendidly versatile coffee that shines in a number of brew methods. I decided to use this coffee as a single origin espresso for my entry into the UK Barista Championships this year & ended up building my whole presentation around the excellent balance of sweetness, acidity & rounded bitterness. The judges obviously enjoyed the coffee as roasted by Butterworth & Son, & I was privileged to place 3rd overall in the UK.
Thank you for finding this outstanding coffee that will always be very special to me

Howard Barwick – Coffee Consultant & Barista Skills Trainer.

More news to follow shortly...


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