Our mission is to make a positive impact at source. Helping reduce social inequality by ensuring that our business is as sustainable as possible for all involved, not purely based on profit margin. Based on quality we seasonally fix an agreed price for all our coffees, encouraging farmers to produce a higher quality organic coffee and gaining more for their hard work. This way they are being protected from the huge fluctuations in the global commodity markets which can at times leave the producers facing a loss against ever increasing inflation rates and basic production costs.

By bridging the gap between producer and roaster, we provide the financial and logistical assistance together with risk management required to get these great coffees to market. We feel passionately not only about the coffee but about the land and the people who produce these amazing beans. We believe paying a fair price for quality coffee ensures that the good sentiment carried across the continent is reflected right through to the cup.


Taking Coffee trade to new levels,  we go beyond the conventional...


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