Freeman´s flagship coffee has been blazing trails worldwide. This exceptional coffee is sustainably shade-grown at an altitude of 1600 - 1800m ensuring it’s unmistakable high acidity and clean crisp taste. The name Tunki comes from the locally found wild bird. Situated high in the mountains amongst the most beautiful flora and fauna of the Tambopata Valley the coffee beans are organically produced fed and washed by pure spring waters, then patio dried by the local indigenous Aymara speaking families who have worked the area for generations organically and in harmony with their land. 




"This seasons Tunki (2011-2012) has proven to be the Swiss army knife of Coffee”

  Peter… James Gourmet Coffee

Cupping Notes

Aroma :     Floral

Acidity:      High

Body :        Full

Flavours:   Chocolate


Having brought in coffee from this Zone for some time again in 2019 we will be shipping back some new exceptional coffees from the Pichinaki district of the central highlands. The quality of the coffees from our suppliers keeps on getting better each year. This season we will be bringing in some more micro lots from this region, we have been working closely with two other cooperatives who after much anticipation have made good progress in both the harvesting and processing.


As always we have tasty micro lots in the bag. Varying in sizes from just two sack of the National Cup winners to lots of 85 points upwards. We were out there again to check on the progress and quality of some Natrual, Gaisher and honey process due to land Dec 2019 Along with some great washed coffee's



Also we have available `bird friendly certified coffees. Organically and shade grown at high altitude not only allows the cherrys to ripen slower and to devolp more complex sweet flavours with a higher acidity, but also safe guards the habitat of many migatory wildlife that live and nest in the hardwood trees that are often cleared. We say no to mono culture high intesity farming.

If there is anything specific you require from a coffee and you would like to work with us,  we will source and deliver it.​ Not only bringing you closer to producers and our projects, but knowing we as a small company do things a little differently,  most definitely fair,  but a little fairer..


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