We are Speciality Coffee importers, not only offering a variety of amazing coffee's but making positive change to communities and individual farmers lives. We pay substantially over the C 'world price'  paying on average a minimum of double the production cost. Along with our solid relationships built on trust and respect, ensuring our farmers are protected as best as they can be by global market forces. We belive sustainability must stretch all the way along the supply chain. For now, our main origin focus is on Peru. Over the last few years we have seen a huge increase in quality as farmers improve processing methods to meet the rising demand of speciality grade. Although only the seventh largest producer of coffee worldwide, Peru is the largest exporter of organic coffee.

Just getting some of these coffees down from the hills and then onto the 5 day journey back to the capital for export is potentially one of the most logistically challenging journeys that any coffee globally has to undertake to get to port, described by one coffee expert as a 'minor miracle'.  



If it's Peruvian Coffee that's missing from your menu, or perhaps you are looking for an alternative coffee supplier, we are a small independant self funded UK company. Let us offer you some of the finest organically grown coffees available from the foothills of the majestic Andean mountains. If you would like to show your support for our approach and if you share our ethos and value in the supply chain, than get in touch for a sample of any of our coffees.

Just for the record, all our coffees come from small holder farms that do not use organophosphates.



Freeman Trading, the Peruvian Coffee Specialists, together we can move mountains ( of coffee at least )




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